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European Youth Player of the Year Award Submissions


We are so excited to announce the submissions for the European Youth Player of the Year Award! We are so proud of all the athletes who took the time to create and submit videos for this award. We will be compiling all the entries to send to our judging panel this week, but in the meantime, check out the videos for yourself!

You can read the full details of the award, including submission and judging process, here.

[Please note that a few videos are currently missing due to technical difficulties, but will be uploaded in the next 2 days.]

And now presenting our EYPOTY 2017 nominees, in alphabetical order:



Entries will be reviewed by our awesome judging panel (below) and winners announced on 25th August! You can find most of the videos in the following Youtube playlist.

Judging Panel
Kate Barabanova (Russia)
Johan "Bommie' Bommerez (Belgium)
Mark Earley (Ireland)
Justin Foord (Great Britain)
Olivia Hauser (Switzerland)
Nasser M’Bae Vogel (France)
Mario O'Brien (USA)
Octavia Payne (USA)
Nici Prien (Germany)
Leo Sonneveldt (Netherlands)

Huge congratulations to all the athletes who took the time to make videos! We are so proud of each and everyone one of you. Hope to see many of you at EYUC this weekend!

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